Business and Poker

Tony Hsieh is one of the most important business leaders of our time, in his book Delivering Happiness he explain how Zappos is built on branding, culture and pipeline as the only competitive advantage that Zappos will have in the long run. In the chapter 3 of the book, Tony clearly defines the lessons he … Continue reading Business and Poker

Google Analytics to Optimise Landing Pages

This video from Google Analytics explains the importance to know your customers and create an experience that matches their needs. The more you know your market the better solutions you give. Analytics help to improve the online customer experience, by indicating how users find your site, navigate and from where they leave. Also it gives … Continue reading Google Analytics to Optimise Landing Pages

Best Practices in E-commerce

Basically an e-commerce site has the following business objectives: Maximise sales and profit Be usable Be useful Best practices in e-commerce: Collect email address and provide visitors with a compelling reason for giving you the information. Make order tracking easy, let customers to check order status and see when they expect it to arrive. Encourage feedback, make it easy … Continue reading Best Practices in E-commerce

Digital Prototyping by Using Wireframes

Digital prototyping saves costs of any marketing communication resulting from a poorly functioning web site and a frustrating user experience. A wireframe, is a visual guide that represents the framework of a website or app, they are used to present the layout of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigation and how they work … Continue reading Digital Prototyping by Using Wireframes

F-commerce is about fan commerce

F-commerce is about fan-stores; so offer a limited number of exclusive fan-first/fan-only items, along with fan-merchandise. Exclusive Experiences: Give fans the first opportunity to buy new products worth talking about (e.g. coupons or discounted shipping for those Liking your page). Viral Incentives: Reward consumers for spreading the word, these are the best sellers/brand ambassadors you … Continue reading F-commerce is about fan commerce