I help companies to create, transform and grow their businesses; focusing on their thinking, culture, behaviour and technology; embracing Agile for faster time to market, greater customer satisfaction, higher team morale and maximum ROI

18+ years of international experience across different sectors (Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Ecommerce, Marketing, Entertainment, Tech) specialising in digital delivery 

Including 10+ years of Agile and Digital transformation at the portfolio, program, team and individual level

I have a passion for the digital industry and how it is significantly changing business and the society as a whole

I speak English and Spanish


If you are a business with a growing team, I can help you with:

  • Digital products, services, platforms
  • Agile transformation | coaching | mentoring | facilitating | training
  • Digital transformation | strategy | execution
  • Team | Individual coaching

How to contact me

You can send a message on my contact page.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter  and Instagram.

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