Best Practices in E-commerce

Basically an e-commerce site has the following business objectives: Maximise sales and profit Be usable Be useful Best practices in e-commerce: Collect email address and provide visitors with a compelling reason for giving you the information. Make order tracking easy, let customers to check order status and see when they expect it to arrive. Encourage feedback, make it easy … Continue reading Best Practices in E-commerce

Online Marketing With Good Content Strategy

In his book "The new rules of marketing and PR", David Meerman Scott  indicates how to set a good targeted content strategy. The use of social media is giving the organisations different channels to communicate with customers, but as David says "Content is valuable if someone reads it" and "you are what you publish". Some … Continue reading Online Marketing With Good Content Strategy

Elements to test on a landing page

Following a series of posts Effective marketing emails, Consider these types of email campaigns, Effective landing pages and Landing page mistakes to stop doing, the last email is about Elements to test on a landing page. Start testing before you even start spending. Run the designs with your team and a selected group of customers,  learn … Continue reading Elements to test on a landing page

Landing page mistakes to stop doing

The last post I wrote was about effective landing pages. The following post will tell you what mistakes you have to stop doing: 1. The landing page doesn’t explain the value of the offer, can the visitor understand the offer and what you are asking them to do to get it in fewer than 5 seconds?. … Continue reading Landing page mistakes to stop doing

Effective landing pages

In the previous post I wrote about how to create effective emails, but  an email campaign is nothing without a good landing page. Landing pages are one of the most important elements of digital marketing, however it’s common to give more attention to a website's homepage instead and they while still an important element of a website, … Continue reading Effective landing pages