Elements to test on a landing page

Following a series of posts Effective marketing emails, Consider these types of email campaignsEffective landing pages and Landing page mistakes to stop doing, the last email is about Elements to test on a landing page.

Start testing before you even start spending. Run the designs with your team and a selected group of customers,  learn what users think, remember and do with your design.

Then, once you’ve found a direction you’re comfortable with, put it to the test immediately. Start with A/B testing to try larger variations of design and copy.

There are also a good services online to test landing pages like Five second test and Google Analytics (Content Experiments)

These are the elements you can test:

1. Headline, try different wording.

2. Form are prospects getting confused when trying to fill out your form?, is the form layout OK?, are there clearer ways to label the fields?, number of form fields, is form button colour stands out? / is the size too small? / is the copy calling people to click? / shape.

3. Page layout , do more people convert when your form is on the right or left side of the page? where on the page should your image or video? where is the best place for your headline and copy?

4. Form headline which headline provides the lowest landing page abandonment rate?

5. Image: is your image engaging?, is it relevant to your offer and target audience? what happen if the image is linked to the CTA (e.g. a face staring or pointing at the  CTA button?, colour scheme?, does adding a caption to your image help clarify it? or does it distract?

6. Copy, headline font size, colour and format

7 Use of video, would a video help demonstrate your value proposition and this resulting on more people to complete your form?

8 Social media tools, are you getting more followers by including social follow buttons on the landing page? or does it distract people, are they best on your thank you page?

9 Use of testimonials, does the inclusion of customer testimonials help you convert more leads?, where on the page should they be displayed?

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