Consider these types of email campaigns

Effective email marketing campaigns are the most valuable of all online marketing tactics. It is extremely cost-effective, can be highly targeted and customised.

Putting together a marketing campaign is far easier if you have a clear vision and well-defined business objective; you also need to understand your audience to create customer centric campaigns.

When you start designing your email campaign, make sure that you and everyone on your team knows what your objective is, why customers should care and how you are going to capture their attention.

Types of emails:

1. Email Newsletters build habitual communication with your email subscribers, they also give you a wide range of types of content to include, e.g. blog posts, new offers, events, news, survey, video etc. Regular newsletters also give brand awareness because is an “habitual” communication. Of course if you include too much content the real CTA can be not clear, as newsletters can include different content you might need different templates to accommodate your content offer.

2. Dedicated email contains information about just one offer. You can use a dedicated email to notify your target audience about a new case study you’ve released or invite them to attend an event that you’re hosting. It’s far easier to clearly communicate the CTA to the reader as you are promoting just one offer, of course one offer is easier to measure (click-through rate, conversion rate, leads, etc.). As you don’t include different types of content, it’s easier to work with few templates. As you send dedicated emails based on things you want to promote in specific period of time, the emailing schedule is difficult to plan and this might turns to inconsistency

3. Sponsorship email, you can use this type of emails to reach a new audience and generate new leads. But you have to consider the long-term effects of this type of campaign is having in your brand, target audience, product / service portfolio. Basically you pay for inclusion of your copy in another vendor’s newsletter or dedicated email. They are highly targeted, their ROI is very easy to determine because you already know how much you are paying the vendor to include you in his campaign, you only need to track the results (visits, leads, sales).

4. Transactional emails are the messages that get triggered by a specific action your audience have taken, enabling them to complete that action. For instance, if you are signing up for an event, you will fill out a form and then receive a transactional (thank you) email that provides you with more details. Transactional emails are also the messages you receive from e-commerce sites that confirm your order and give you shipment information and further details.

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