Landing page mistakes to stop doing

The last post I wrote was about effective landing pages. The following post will tell you what mistakes you have to stop doing:

1. The landing page doesn’t explain the value of the offer, can the visitor understand the offer and what you are asking them to do to get it in fewer than 5 seconds?. Keep things simple and clear.

2. The headers are not consistent with the calls to action (CTA), if your visitors click on a CTA telling them to download your case study, they are expecting to be directed to a page where they can do that. Keep your copy and page title consistent.

3. There are navigation links on the landing page, eliminate distractions by removing all navigation and links to other parts of your site.

4. The form is below the page fold, people don’t scroll on a landing page unless they’re really, really intrigued.

5. The form is too long, you ask for too many things, this can lead prospects to stop and evaluate whether it’s worth their time to complete  the form. A long form lowers conversion rates. Fewer fields = more conversion.

6. Your landing page doesn’t redirect to a thank you page, sending people to a “thank you” page is a great opportunity to suggest next steps for your lead. This will make them stronger leads that will be more likely to convert into customers.

7. The copy you have done is not appealing to the audience you want to reach, having a content strategy for your landing pages ensures you tell a compelling story. You need to communicate the essentials clearly. People need to be able to quickly understand what you do and what you’re offering. Use bullets and short useful sentences to explain the benefits of your product or service.

8. Give too many options, give people one choice, not three, not five. Multiple choices lead to confusion. Eliminate choice and you make the conversion option easier to understand and easier to take action.

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