F-commerce is about fan commerce

F-commerce is about fan-stores; so offer a limited number of exclusive fan-first/fan-only items, along with fan-merchandise.

Exclusive Experiences: Give fans the first opportunity to buy new products worth talking about (e.g. coupons or discounted shipping for those Liking your page).

Viral Incentives: Reward consumers for spreading the word, these are the best sellers/brand ambassadors you can have. This can be financially and/or socially (discounts, samples or news to share) rewards.

Use compelling content to engage customers (be regular, authentic and fun). Give a reason to like you and create a reason to come back. a customer engage is a loyal customer.

Promote your Facebook Store in your Bricks and Mortar Store, off-line communication and on-line communication.

Solicit feedback by asking your fans directly how you can improve the f-commerce experience. They will feel you care about them, remember social media is about listening, understanding and engaging.

Build a community around your products. Social media work like this, small communities that are linked to one another creating a larger audience, so find the linking points and engage with these people.

Incorporate Facebook into Customer Service by enabling customer product reviews. User Generated Content (UGC) is one of the most important pieces of content from a buyer’s perspective (how many times have you bought a book on Amazon by reading readers’ reviews?) and sellers perspective (you gain insights from your audience, you understand them better, you can react and engage with them).

F-commerce is about shopping experiences and being social and transparent is part of it.


  • Do not replace e-commerce with f-commerce, but use both, take the best of the two approaches, or what work best for you.
  • Use f-commerce to reach the social consumer, use e-commerce to reach and fulfills the needs of your traditional/off-line consumers.
To understand, what people is doing on social media, I share a graphic from comScore.

Social Media Activities

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