3 Business Areas to Start Digital Transformation

Organisations are embarking on Digital Transformation initiatives covering three key areas: customer experience, operations and business models.

ey areas of digital value proposition

Customer Experience:

Digital technologies allow organisations to understand and collaborate with customers across all channels and touch points, whether physical or digital. The dialogue between customers and organisations has become more and more interactive and focused. This also present challenges as customer relationships are more closer and personal so customer expectation are higher.


The benefits go beyond improving efficiency and quality of production processes. For example, automation allow organisations to focus their teams on more strategic tasks. Transactional systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc) give executives deeper insight into products, regions, and customers, allowing .them to make data decisions

Integration of data and processes is essential. Organisations often operate in silos, each with its own systems, data and business processes. Without a shared perspective on customers, products, and people, transformation or process optimisation cannot occur.

Business model:

Digital technologies give companies the tools to make the shift from multi-national to truly global operations. Digital technology can lead to new growth.

Further reading: Didier Bonnet, Patrich Ferraris, George Westerman, Andrew Mc Afee. Talking ‘bout a revolution findings on how companies are succeeding with digital transformations. MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting, 2012.

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