The collaborative leader

How can we actively and explicit establish collaboration as a fundamental principle for our team success? Why collaboration, why should I care, why now? The success of any organisation relies on how teams formulate, decide and deliver. In collaborative cultures, team work is rewarded, with an emphasis on how people share information, process it and … Continue reading The collaborative leader

What is Situational Leadership

Leaders need to adapt they management style to fit the performance readiness of their teams. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard created the concept of situational leadership in the field of organisational behaviour. They said that "readiness" not only varies by person, but also by task. People have different levels of ability and motivation for different … Continue reading What is Situational Leadership

How to Scale Using Motivation and Accountability

Many organisations scale effectively by hiring promising people and then teaching and motivating them to do exceptional work. The following example shows how important is to hiring and developing people. Tamago-Ya is a Japanese company that produces fresh box lunches and sell them to Tokyo office employees. The typical order comes from a office that buys lunches … Continue reading How to Scale Using Motivation and Accountability

How to Select the Right Digital Portfolio?

The digital portfolio management objective is to determine the optimal resource mix and schedule to best achieve the organisation’s operational and financial goals. Selecting the Portfolio Establish the viability of projects based on their strategic alignment, return on investment and resource requirement Carry out risk assessment and build contingency into the portfolio by integrating contingency planning … Continue reading How to Select the Right Digital Portfolio?

What is Business Portfolio Management?

Portfolio refers to the total set of programs, stand-alone projects and other change initiatives undertaken by an organisation. The reason for creating a portfolio is to provide an overall business view and control over all these programs and projects at a high level in the organisation. Portfolio management is aligned to the organisation’s budgetary and … Continue reading What is Business Portfolio Management?