Mobile and Retail Experience

It is a fact that mobile is having an important impact in retail and e-commerce.

  • Enhance the shopping experience at every stage. Support research, online, purchase, offline behavior like click-to-call or reserve in-store
  • Connect online and offline, give the options to the user to buy online/mobile and pick up in store
  • Use quick response codes (QR)
  • Offer mobile payment as a self checkout to help customers beat the checkout queue in store

The Daily Telegraph, posted Tesco builds virtual shops for Korean commuters, when Tesco wanted to expand their market share in South Korea, they focused on mobile shopping. South Korea has a very high penetration of smartphone users. Tesco put up billboards in tube stations with pictures of their products, accompanied by QR codes.The result: Tesco’s virtual shops led them to take the number one position for online groceries in South Korea.

This is a nice example of how Tesco took implemented a mobile strategy and enhance the shopping experience for its customers.

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