What is the Difference Between Mission and Vision?

Everyone has been in long meetings polishing and negotiating missions and visions, the result very often is utterly generic (just change the name of the company and the result is the same) with a total lack of passion and of no real value to anyone.

The mission and vision have to be simple, relatively comprehensive and with passion.

The mission is a statement of your reason of being, why you exist for and why it matters. In the context of digital marketing, you define what it is you do online and why, what customers problems you are solving “at a profit” and how your online activities will add value. To facilitate the understanding of the mission, think of it through the eyes of your customers.

The vision is not a set of goals, it is not a fantasy wishful thinking, it is a clear, specific model of what it is you tend to build. Simply, the vision is a description of what the business looks like at a specific time in the future. In the context of digital marketing, the best is to elaborate 2 visions one for 18 months and one for 3 years away. Talk about things that matter most, how will you interact with your customers and what they will think of you and your competitors.

But remember:

If you are unable to articulate what your desired future looks like, then how can anyone else contribute to achieving it?

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