6 Steps for Effective Change Management

Organisational change is a structured approach in an organisation for ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits.

Although managing change is not easy, managing organisational change will be more successful if you apply these 6 steps:

1. Define size and content of change: this will help you to decide on the focus of change efforts. What is it that needs changing?, how big is the problem or threat facing the organisation and how should the organisation respond?

2. Time available for change: how much time does management has to execute the change? and does the organisation has time or must act quickly?

3. Tactics in the change/execution process: how should change be executed?, should it proceed in “bits & pieces” or all at once?, should be implemented slowly and methodically or to get it done quick and in one go?

4. Responsibility or accountability: who is responsible or accountable for elements or aspects of the change process? are responsibility or accountability clear to all people involved in change?

5. Overcoming resistance to change: it is vital to overcome resistance to change or execution efforts.

6. Monitor the change: are the changes working? how tightly or loosely should the changes be monitored?, what methods for tracking change should be employed?. Monitoring results and progress and tweaking or modifying the change process are important to achievement of desired execution results.

The equation works like this:

The relationship between (a) the size of the change and (b) the time available for change determines (c) how the change is executed and the cost and benefits of the change.

Change Management Equation

Further reading: Lawrence G. Hrebiniak. Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change. Wharton School Publishing, 2005.

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