Change Management with Engagement

Engagement can be described as an indicator of the degree to which employees are committed and involved in their work. Engaged employees are more likely to be effective team members and to support and drive change efforts.

The work environment, culture, team behaviour, recognition and involvement in work decisions and processes are key factor that contribute to have an engaged team.

In the process of change, you need to prepare, engage and support managers to communicate and actively lead their teams through the change process.

  1. Have individuals and groups who can influence the outcome been engaged by becoming involved in the process?
  2. If so, have their input and ideas been acknowledge and applied to planing and action?

Project engagement tactics for successful change

  1. Support manager when they meet with their team, provide guides and FAQs
  2. Emphasize employee involvement in planning and executing the change
  3. Train the managers to build employee engagement trough goal setting, support, feedback and recognition
  4. Ensure leaders are involved and remain open to questions, ideas and discussion about the purpose of the change and hoe it will be accomplished
  5. Use face to face communication like forums, open sessions, ongoing meetings and other activities
  6. Identify key stakeholders and conduct ongoing assessments about their concerns, needs, questions and ideas

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