Business Tips From 37signals

Jason Fried is the Co-Founder and President of 37signals, a Chicago company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary.

37signals manifesto, as they say “It’s a collection of 37 nuggets of online philosophy and design wisdom. It’s a great introduction to the 37signals’ school of thought and a fun, quick read to boot.”

The book I read first was get it real and you can read it online and I strongly recommend it. This book really goes to the point and touches plenty of decisions that a business must face, even if it’s a large corporation or a small web factory.

My top posts are:

  1. build less
  2. fix time and budget, flex on scope
  3. lower your cost of change
  4. ignore details early on
  5. start with no
  6. hidden costs (new feature process)
  7. from idea to implementation (web app)
  8. epicenter design
  9. Hollywood launch
  10. promote through education

And if you really like this approach, you have to see this video from Jason, where he explains the following:

  1. Venture capitalists rents you time
  2. By pricing you will get great feedback
  3. Innovations come and go, stay focus on usefulness
  4. Focus on what won’t change, things that will pay off today and tomorrow
  5. DIY you have to do it yourself in order to hire or ask someone else to do it
  6. Apologise properly
  7. Nail the basics, that’s the real stuff
  8. Less is more, but make the few things you do really well

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