10 Tips to Successfully Manage Outsourced Projects

Companies can consider to outsource projects because of different reasons: To reduce cost To reduce time to market To work on non-core or high value projects To work on operational / repetitive projects To work on non-volatile projects I have managed outsourced projects where we met the deadline but did not save the money we … Continue reading 10 Tips to Successfully Manage Outsourced Projects

What are the Responsibilities of a Project Manager?

As defined in What is a Project post; "the role of the project manager is to deliver the project on time, within budget and with the needs of the business fully met". 8 Key Tasks of a Project Manager Clarify the Objectives: it is very important for the project success to have clear objectives, the project will be … Continue reading What are the Responsibilities of a Project Manager?

What is a Project?

A project can be described as a temporary organisation that will focus on the: creation of a group of business deliverables as defined by the project scope within an agreed time frame (usually of a year or less) within cost budget and quality parameters A project is the implementation of a change, with a beginning, middle … Continue reading What is a Project?

How to move a slow project to Agile?

You are running a project that is not going well, progress is not as planned, confidence on meeting a deadline is low, what you are currently doing is not working and you need to get something out of the door fast. You have read about agile and understand the benefits of this way of delivering, … Continue reading How to move a slow project to Agile?

Business Tips From 37signals

Jason Fried is the Co-Founder and President of 37signals, a Chicago company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary. 37signals manifesto, as they say "It's a collection of 37 nuggets of online philosophy and design wisdom. It's a great introduction to the 37signals' school of thought and … Continue reading Business Tips From 37signals