Agile Methodology How to Deliver

1. Technical Solution: visualising the solution it helps to understand what we’re going up about technically. Talking about your solution and getting it out there in front of your team and customer is good because: It set's expectations about the tools and technology It visualises the boundaries around the project and the scope It communicates risks If you are not … Continue reading Agile Methodology How to Deliver

Agile Methodology The Who and Why

When you start a project the first task is to know the who (stakeholders) and the why (reason to be). 1. The who:  before you kick off the project, you have to map out the "stakeholders", to know who is in your project community, to get them on your radar, and start building relationships before you need … Continue reading Agile Methodology The Who and Why

Agile Methodology The Basics

Three simple facts to be accepted: It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the beginning of a project Whatever requirements you do gather are guaranteed to change There will always be more to do than time and money will allow Agile Principle: regular delivery of working, tested software made up of your most … Continue reading Agile Methodology The Basics

Digital Project Management Tools

When I started at MediaOne, I was asked to evaluate tools to improve the productivity of the Project Management and Business Analyst teams. It is said that web project management is more about methods than tools, so if you want to keep track of your project’s tasks on paper, and that works for you and … Continue reading Digital Project Management Tools

Are Functional Specifications Good?

To answer this question let me explain what did happen to me while I was managing a website strategy for one of the largest Estate Agents in Ireland. We started the project writing the business requirements document and then based on this I created the scope of work. Once this document received the client’s sign … Continue reading Are Functional Specifications Good?