Content Marketing: Mix Strategy

Content must have the right balance between being informative and entertaining, while also making sure it supports a larger company strategy.

To put together a good strategy think about business considerations:

  • Competitive advantage: your business content should focus on what your business does best
  • Branding: every piece of content that you create needs to reinforce your brand in some way
  • Audience’s goals will help to define the purpose of your content
  • Audience’s interests will help define content topics
  • Available resources content contributors, their skill sets, time are key consideration when defining the channels and schedule

You have also to define the purpose of the content:

  • To inform, teach, inspire, entertain, persuade, start a conversation, spark a controversy, express an opinion and share industry knowledge or resources

Identify typical content types:

  • Articles or blog posts, infographics, videos, animations, tutorials, presentations

Mix purposes, content types and buyer personas:

Content Mix

Continually test and evaluate: always look for opportunities to gain insight into how your audience responds to your content and then make adjustments and improvements.

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