Mobile Infographics

Mobile commerce is here and is growing really fast. Smartphones are creating smarter shoppers and the mobile e-commerce is a reality. Check out the infographic posted by Holly Richmond at Microsoft Tag and discover how people are shopping on their phones, how many retailers have mobile sites and which demographic makes purchases on their phones the most. By 2015, it is predicted that mobile purchases will total $119 billion globally.

Mobile app vs. Mobile site is the dilemma.

  • Why an app? If you have a significant proportion of mobile visitors using Android phones and iPhones, then an app may be the best way to appeal to them.
  • Why a m-site? Greater reach/audience; apps need to be downloaded first. If customers do not have your app, they can’t buy from you, but if you have a mobile optimised site, they can search and find it; no third-party approval required.
  • Or, to cover all bases, why not have a mobile site and app? This is what eBay, Amazon, Best Buy and others all do, and it seems to be working for them.
Mobile Marketing

How we use the mobile?

Linda Bustos from GetElastic posted this infograph. Customers access the mobile web from anywhere, so by having a mobile optimised experience you are saying yes to a lot of traffic and potential sales.


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