Change Management and Communication

Communication problems are regularly cited as a main issue for delays in change, misunderstanding, lack of coordination, etc. However basic information about the change program is relatively easy to provide.

Those involved in change usually have many questions and concerns, but they also have very good ideas about how to make the change work. Communication should be an ongoing two-way process. This process is about understanding issues and needs. Effective communication ensures that those leading and executing the change are aware of issues, questions and concerns, and that their answers are provided on time, with consistency and in the right context.

  1. Is clear, timely and complete information available to the key audience involved and affected by the change?
  2. Do this audience have access to information and also can provide timely input and feedback?

5 tactics to follow to improve communication in change programs

  1. Develop a clear summary document – to read more on this see change management with clarity
  2. Emphasise listening through formal and informal surveys, meetings, discussions, forums
  3. Continually update and revise the resources (e.g. FAQs, summary document, guides, blog)
  4. Create a system to capture feedback (e.g. a wiki)
  5. Deploy social media to maintain and keep an updated flow on information

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