Change Management with Alignement

Alignment is about ensuring that business systems and processes collaborate to move the change ahead. To successfully execute change, it may be necessary to modify rewards, controls, communication, training, IT applications, sales, etc.

For example, a re-organisation of the sales force may involve the implementation and training on a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, changes in rewards and incentives, accounting processes, major changes in one location, division or account. There will lots of questions about these changes and a plan must be in place to address all these issues.

  1. Do systems and processes support the change?
  2. Have required changes to these systems been identified, developed and deployed?

How to align business and change

  1. Assess key process to ensure and support the change
  2. Add training and developed programs as required
  3. Review communications processes to be consistent and support changes
  4. Share information about the changes across the organisation and not just the areas affected, customers should also be aware of what is happening
  5. Continually seek input from stakeholders on systems and processes that may be impeding change and that require adjustment to ensure better alignment with the new objectives and direction

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