Change Management and Resources

Many change efforts fail because the required resources are not in place. Significant time is needed to put change into effect. For example, new organisation structures may need to be developed; training is required;  people need to be selected to take on new leadership roles; new tools and software need to be deployed, etc.

Managing change is a complex process that involves analysis, planning, communication and execution. Managers need to recognise that some projects may need to be deferred if the change is to move forward.

  1. Are required resources (financial, people, technical) in place and available?
  2. Is an effective team in place and ready to guide the change process and motivate employees?
  3. Acknowledge the additional workload created by change efforts, if required engage additional resources (e.g. outsourcing)
  4. Facilitate adjustment of priorities (day-to-day operation vs. change), provide guidance to employees to address the issues
  5. Identify and acquire required skills and resources
  6. Make appropriate budget provision to ensure resources can be sustained
  7. Communicate these costs as a continuous process in the change management

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