It’s Not About Time, It’s About Choices

Forget about time management, get great about choice management.

Before we lived in a more stable and static environment, there were fewer interruptions at work. Today there is a lot more of uncertainty and there are constant interruptions.

Practical suggestions:

  • Accept that you will never have enough time
  • Decide to do a little and do what you decide to do so well that has an impact
  • Ensure that what you do is of value
  • Prioritise against pay-off; not against what is easy or who is shouting the loudest
  • Push back on interruptions
  • Choose don’t react
  • Do not manage time, manage your decisions

Time management vs Decisions

Further reading: Nicholas Bate. Instant MBA: Think, perform and earn like a top business-school graduate (52 Brilliant Ideas). Infinite Ideas, 2008.

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