Content Marketing in Few Lines

  1. The content is more important than the offer
  2. A customer relationship doesn’t end with the payment
  3. Interruption isn’t valued, but engagement is
  4. A blog can be, and should be, a core part of communicating with and marketing to your customers
  5. Focusing on what the customer wants is more important than what you have to sell
  6. A news release isn’t meant to be picked up by the press, but rather to help customers find your great content on the web
  7. Communicating directly with customers is the best choice
  8. Marketers can and should be publishers
  9. Without content, community is improbable, if not impossible
  10. Lead generation is only one small part of the marketing picture
  11. The long tail of search engine optimisation is driven by consistent content on your corporate blog or website
  12. Buyers are in control, the traditional sales process has changed, and relevant content lets organisations into the buying process
  13. Long-form branded content can be created anywhere your customers work, live, or play
  14. There is no one right way to do content marketing. Be willing to experiment
  15. In-person events continue to be one of the best ways to connect with your audience
  16. Never overlook the power of simplicity
  17. Don’t rely too much on Google to bring traffic to your site

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