Blog as Content Marketing Tactic

Blog is a shorthand for “Weblog” and offers an easy way to present brief of frequently refreshed web content.

Backed with easy-to-use technologies for syndication (e.g. RSS), comments and trackbacks, blogs are important communication tools that can incorporate SEO strategies and community building campaigns.

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The answer to blog or not to blog, should come from the strategy established (business / marketing), once this is answered the most important question is Whom do I want to reach?, for many companies this might be a combination of different buyer personas.

Blogging basics (based on The new rules of Marketing and PR)

  1. Think about the name of the blog and its tagline. These will be indexed by search engines
  2. Evaluate easy to use blogging software e.g. WordPress, Blogger or TypePad
  3. Pay attention to categories you choose for your blog and add social media features to share and comment
  4. Make sure your blog has RSS capability
  5. Include an About page that include photo, biography and information about your blog
  6. Encourage people to contact you and make it easier for them to reach you

Tips on building blog audience:

  1. It takes time to build audience
  2. Create links to your blog from your website, media room, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, email signature, offline communication, etc.
  3. Update your blog frequently, search engines like fresh content
  4. Commenting on other people’s blogs (and including a link to your blog) is a good way to create an audience
  5. Add tags to create precision about your post’s content

Blogging ethics: to read more on Word of Mouth Marketing read the WOMMA Code of Ethics.

  1. You should never pretend to be someone you are not.
  2. Don’t disclose anything that people might consider a conflict of interest.
  3. Don’t lie.
  4. Give credit to your sources of information

Tips to write a good post:

  1. Good blog posts speak to a well-defined target audience
  2. Good blog posts speak from the beginning to end about the same buyer persona. It would be nice for marketers if every business had just one audience to reach, but that’s not realistic
  3. Good blog posts are about 400-800 words. Readers will give up if they need to scroll down endlessly. If you’ve more than 800 words, consider breaking your post into two parts.
  4. Good blog posts are quick and easy to read
  5. Good blog posts have a compelling title and lead paragraph
  6. Good blog posts are SEO optimised
  7. Good blog posts include a call to action
  8. Learn form the best bloggers
  9. Read about Writing and management good tips on writing well

What to measure when blogging?

  • Unique visitors per  month to your blog
  • Total posts read
  • Subscribers to your RSS feed
  • Total email subscribers
  • Number of comments
  • Who is commenting (small players or major players)
  • Links
  • Time on site

Checklist to start blogging: 

  1. Written Style Guide
  2. Target Audience/Buyer Personas
  3. Topic Selection Guidance, are there certain subjects to be focus on or avoid based on your goals and historical data?
  4. Blog’s Voice/Tone/Style
  5. Blog Editorial Process: How should bloggers work with you during the editorial process? Is there an editorial calendar they should work with?, What deadlines should they adhere to? How will you implement feedback and revision cycles?

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