Tips to grow a fan base

Digital marketing and communication are being more effective today thanks to Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

But what really helps is the understanding of your audience, what they are looking for and how you can solve their problems at a profit.

Everyone knows that when you are selling a product or service is easier to do it if you have built a relationship with your customers and share similar interests.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business and when you build the relationship with them it fosters loyalty and this equals to profits.

Tips to grow a fan base

  1. Define your target market: knowing your audience will help you to understand what are they looking for. A good way to start doing this is creating buyer personas of your target and starting building engagement plans for each of these personas.
  2. Get the message right: the understanding of the persona, will help you to get the message and tone right. You will start thinking like them, talking like them, reading what they read even act like them.
  3. Identify which communication channels are more effective: Do not be afraid to experiment, however stick to the 70% – 20% – 10% rule: 70% of the content you create as being “low-risk” – do what you know works or had worked; 20% of content “innovates on what works”; The final 10% is “high risk” content or brand new ideas.
  4. This is a long-term investment: a relationship is based on trust and this is nurtured in the long-term. So don’t expect immediate results.
  5. Keep it relevant: when creating content, your reader/buyer has to think: “This is very interesting, and I think my friends will find it interesting too. So I’m going to post this link to my social network“. You have to capture the attention, motivate and engage.
  6. Create a publishing calendar based on business objectives, buyer personas, resources and budget.
  7. Monitor, measure and improve: see what works and what does not; tweak and repeat.

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