Ideas to Get Noticed on Facebook

On April at the f8 conference, facebook engineers Ruchi Sanghvi and Ari Steinberg gave the first walk through of facebook News Feed, the landing page that users see when they first log on to facebook, or how they call it EdgeRank.

The facebook pages for online companies, online shop’s, games factories is a powerful marketing tool. When people “Like” a Facebook Page, they are not just expressing their interest in the company. This is only the first step, you have an opportunity to get in front of their eyeballs on a more frequent basis than just waiting for them to come to your site.

The point now is to know if those posts you are sharing are getting through the barrage of other posts competing for your Fan’s attention?. EdgeRank will determine which pieces of content the user should see in his/her default News Feed.

EdgeRank algorithm is influenced by an “affinity score”, for instance, if Carlose visits Connie’s page several times a day, comments and likes her updates, checks out her photos and sends her messages every day, facebook can safely say Carlose has an “affinity” for Connie and feed Carlose nearly everything Connie does.

  • 0.2% of facebook updates you could be exposed to will actually be promoted to your News Feed
  • 95% of facebook users view only the top News Feed
  • Even that creative share can quickly get buried by newer items while your fans are sleeping, working or watching Family guy

Idea 1 – Call to action

Put the Facebook “Like” button or link to your Facebook Page visible for everyone, make it easy to spot, a suggestion pace the “Like” button at the top of the page rather that at the bottom.

Idea 2 – landing tab with call to actions

You do not have to land a visitor on your Wall. My suggestion is that you can select a landing tab that most likely will an initial engagement. For example, Red Bull encourages visitors to “Like” the fan page.

Red Bull landing page

Or even Amazon’s UK fan page make it more obvious to visitors

Amazon UK landing page

My recommendation is do not make your Wall your landing page/tab. Even for a savvy community manager is difficult to control what is shared on your wall at any given moment (negative comments, no comments, spam), so by creating a wall you can craft a clear call to action, the landing tab’s goal is to get an initial interaction within your facebook page.

Idea 3 – Be Strategic

Think and create the headline writing based on personas and consider your posting frequency (1 to 5 times daily is reasonable, of course depending on your market, clients, objectives…).

Idea 4 – The right time

You have a  really short window to gain the attention with a Share, think carefully when planning frequency, content, and timing. Consider time zones (depending on your target market), if you always post at the same time of day Fans in different time zones may never see your updates.

Idea 5 – Go viral

Write posts that encourage sharing across the network, like videos, funny quotes, promos, are likely to get more shares than questions with yes/no answers or simple announcements. Think about what your target like, you may even incentivise the comments/shares by awarding a prize for the best comment (like a caption contest). Mix your content give different reasons to read you every day (videos, photos, questions, information…).

Victoria Secret "share"

Idea 6 – Use Insights

Insights is the Facebook’s own analytics tool for data, you can monitor which posts attract the most “Likes” and comments, drop out the low click performers.

Requirement – Respond

By commenting a post in your wall (from a fan), will boost your comment count, could increase your Edge’s weight and of course is a courtesy.

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