Agile Product Development

In agile product development is very hard to have the best product right away, so commit to rapid and continuous improvements is the way to go. Of course, the messiness of trial and error may seem uncomfortable, but action allows us to learn at a faster rate. The following insightful story comes from the book Art & … Continue reading Agile Product Development

Why to Support Change

People are not against change. Employees are sometimes more aware than leaders of the need for change, they are in the front-line dealing with poor product quality, unresponsive service, effective competitors, etc. Why resistance to change? This can arise from many causes, most are rational and addressable. Comfort with status quo Lost of control Threat of … Continue reading Why to Support Change

Google Analytics to Optimise Landing Pages

This video from Google Analytics explains the importance to know your customers and create an experience that matches their needs. The more you know your market the better solutions you give. Analytics help to improve the online customer experience, by indicating how users find your site, navigate and from where they leave. Also it gives … Continue reading Google Analytics to Optimise Landing Pages

5 Essential Practices for Digital Transformation

Far too many enterprises are investing in digital tools and technologies without trying to drive changes in the operating model, working practices (people), and culture. Companies focus too much on the technical and customer facing aspects of digital transformation, forgetting that true value can only be leveraged by aligning people and processes. Professor Raffi Amit at … Continue reading 5 Essential Practices for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and Change Management

The digital revolution is shaking things up, but long-established businesses like media, music, films, automotive and many more don't like being shaking, particularly if their business models are fragile. The true digital revolution has enhanced business processes, they have become cheaper, more reliable, faster, more convenient and more satisfying. Sometimes the digitally enhanced  process is a simple improvement on what already exists and … Continue reading Digital Transformation and Change Management

Digital Project Management and the 5Ds

The 5Ds in project management is a phase breakdown of large milestones that every project team needs to complete. This model gives a full vision of the tasks and deliverables for each phase. This process is thought with Agile / Scrum Project/product methodologies in mind. We call these phases the 5Ds: Discovery: validates the business reason … Continue reading Digital Project Management and the 5Ds

Best Practices in E-commerce

Basically an e-commerce site has the following business objectives: Maximise sales and profit Be usable Be useful Best practices in e-commerce: Collect email address and provide visitors with a compelling reason for giving you the information. Make order tracking easy, let customers to check order status and see when they expect it to arrive. Encourage feedback, make it easy … Continue reading Best Practices in E-commerce

Digital Governance Framework in 6 Steps

When it comes to digital, is your company just playing or is playing to win?. The digital governance framework creates an environment where digital can succeed. Digital Governance Framework in 6 Steps 1. Leadership: it provides executive buy-in and support for the digital program. Sponsorship: The program will achieve limited success without an executive sponsor who is both committed … Continue reading Digital Governance Framework in 6 Steps

Digital Marketing Best Practices

The following rules can apply no matter the size, budget or scale your digital strategy may be. Do not start if you don't have a clear strategy I have seen too many companies waste money by embarking on poorly conceived initiatives, they always want to see the "tree" without understanding the "forest". So the advise here … Continue reading Digital Marketing Best Practices

Business Tips From 37signals

Jason Fried is the Co-Founder and President of 37signals, a Chicago company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary. 37signals manifesto, as they say "It's a collection of 37 nuggets of online philosophy and design wisdom. It's a great introduction to the 37signals' school of thought and … Continue reading Business Tips From 37signals