In Agile, How to Handle New Client Requirements?

When your customer discovers what they really want in their project, ask them how they would like to handle it. You can push out the release date or add more resources (which is like saying we are going to need more money), or you can drop some of the less important stories from the to-do … Continue reading In Agile, How to Handle New Client Requirements?

5 Delivery Principles for a Digital Team

Too many of digital projects do not work well, are delivered late, over budget or not fit to purpose. To increase the success rate of these projects, there is the need of a new approach. 1. Put users' needs first The products and services you deliver should be driven by the needs of your users, … Continue reading 5 Delivery Principles for a Digital Team

Change Management and Communication

Communication problems are regularly cited as a main issue for delays in change, misunderstanding, lack of coordination, etc. However basic information about the change program is relatively easy to provide. Those involved in change usually have many questions and concerns, but they also have very good ideas about how to make the change work. Communication … Continue reading Change Management and Communication

Change Management with Leadership

Employees who are involved in change but not leading it often complaint that they have to change and promote change while leaders continue behaving in the old way. From some initiatives, new leadership may be needed to ensure success. Examples of new behaviours include promoting cross functional cooperation, focusing on customer experience,  digital transformation. etc. … Continue reading Change Management with Leadership

Change Management with Alignement

Alignment is about ensuring that business systems and processes collaborate to move the change ahead. To successfully execute change, it may be necessary to modify rewards, controls, communication, training, IT applications, sales, etc. For example, a re-organisation of the sales force may involve the implementation and training on a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, … Continue reading Change Management with Alignement