Story telling and spreading ideas

Seth Godin on his book All marketers are liars, explains there are 4 reasons why your new release failed (pretty obvious):

  1. No one noticed it
  2. People noticed it but decided they didn’t want to try it
  3. People tried it but decided not to keep using it
  4. People liked it but didn’t tell their friends

Why anyone noticed it? because they weren’t looking and there’s too much to look at and not enough time. Here you might have a problem with the story and the frame that supports the story. Marketing succeeds when enough people with similar worldviews come together in a way that allows marketers to reach them cost-effectively.

Why people didn’t want to try it? most people are in “just looking” mode, so the challenge again is the story that incentives the customer to try the product.

Why people tried it but decided not to keep using it? again, storytelling works when the story actually makes the product or service better.

Why people like it but didn’t tell their friends? remember marketing is “solving people’s problems at a profit” and “spreading ideas“, create stories that include the objective of “I have to share this”

“You win when you manage to make your story coherent. If you are able to live the story you want to tell, the people you are telling it to are more likely to believe it because you will get all the details right.”

“Stories (not ideas, not features, not benefits) are what spread from person to person”

Seth Godin – All marketers are liars

marketing real by Dilbert

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