Marketing Video Campaigns from Heineken

Today in Marketing class, my MBA team presented the advertising analysis of the Heineken campaign at the end of 2008 called “walk-in-fridge” produced by the lead agency TBWA that belongs to the global marketing and communication company Omnicom Group.

As we explained to the rest of the class, the video is targeted to 25-45 years old males, professionals, that like to share moments with their friends and that was mainly aired on at primetime on Champion League matches. The main objective for Heineken, is to increase the consumption of beers at home, explaining that not only can enjoy a cold drink at the pub but also at their place.

The video received a lot of buzz and attention, +4.5 million views (as at today) on YouTube and even fans groups on Facebook. After the success of Heineken, Dutch beer brewery Bavaria tried to spoof the commercial with a remake: Bavaria’s Spoof On Heineken’s Walk In Fridge (123K YouTube views), although Bavaria commercial did not receive that much attention than Heineken.

Of course, Heineken could not stay quite and launched the new version of walk-in-fridge. A remarkable comeback, but is it worth the effort?, (695K as at today)

Heineken tries to regain the concept of the walk-in-fridge and its viral marketing concept using social media.

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