The Accidental Pornographer

I have finished a great book called The Accidental Pornographer by Gavin Griffiths, as he says it is “A Story About Having a Go – And Succeeding… in Failing”.

Tha author was a shipping executive in London when in 2001 bought a magazine (not just a single copy but the full business) called The Erotic Review for just £1 GBP. He did not know about off-line or even on-line publishing, but he wanted to give it and try to be free.

This book is a story about the difference between the theory and the practice, describing all the hard times an entrepreneur has to pass through before running a profitable business. Simple problems like hiring the right staff, rising fresh new capital, increase profits, try new products, innovate and so on.

This book was educational, funny, startling and an extremely easy read. I recommend this book to everyone that is thinking of embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure or running a business.

I want to share a good talk by Gavin, this also will give you a better insight of what you will find if you read the book.

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