Questions to ask when reviewing a web design

The better you know your target audience the better you will solve their problems. When designing a web site, page, application, game, etc. you need to have in mind these important elements:

  1. Your business goals (mostly always these are translated into money)
  2. Your audience goals (how you will solve their problems)
  3. Usability must be a primary goal
The following questions, will focus on questions you have to review with your design team in order to improve usability, simplicity and improve the customer experience.
  • Who buyer persona are we targeting?
  • What problem is that solving?
  • Do we want that?
  • How does this change someone’s mind?
  • How does that change behaviour?
  • What matters here?
  • Look at the page for 5 seconds and then tell me its message and call to action?
  • What’s the simpler version of this?
  • If we got rid of this, does that still work?
  • Why do we need to say that here?
  • If you stopped reading here, what’s the message?
  • What’s that for?
  • Who needs to know that?
  • Who needs to see that?
  • How does that work?
  • Why is that worth a click?
  • Is that worth scrolling?
  • Why that order?
  • Why would this make them choose that?
  • Why would someone leave at this point?
  • Does that make it easier or harder?
  • Is it obvious what happens next?
  • How can we make this more obvious?

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