My First Contact With The MBA

I remember, the first contact I had with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) was reading Dinero magazine (a weekly economics and politics publication owned by Semana) in 1998.

After having experience as Account Manager and receiving my BSc. In Economics in Colombia, I relocated to Spain, Ireland and England where I have been working in Marketing and Information Technology (IT) for the last seven (7) years.

When I was living in Madrid, I shared the flat with Julian and Gorka. They were doing the full time MBA at IE Business School, and since then I knew to do an MBA was one of my most important goals.

In the last six (6) years, I have been visiting Business Schools in different countries, reading brochures, rankings, review by current students and alumni.

After this intense research I answered three important questions:

  1. Why I want to do a MBA
  2. When is the best time to do it
  3. Which Business School is the best choice

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