In Agile, What to do if Team Velocity is not as you Planned?

If after three or four sprints you notice your velocity is not where you had hoped it would be, do not panic. This might happen, this is why you need to set expectations accordingly and told your client not to trust your initial plans. The good news is that by the time you know about … Continue reading In Agile, What to do if Team Velocity is not as you Planned?

In Agile, How to Handle New Client Requirements?

When your customer discovers what they really want in their project, ask them how they would like to handle it. You can push out the release date or add more resources (which is like saying we are going to need more money), or you can drop some of the less important stories from the to-do … Continue reading In Agile, How to Handle New Client Requirements?

5 Delivery Principles for a Digital Team

Too many of digital projects do not work well, are delivered late, over budget or not fit to purpose. To increase the success rate of these projects, there is the need of a new approach. 1. Put users' needs first The products and services you deliver should be driven by the needs of your users, … Continue reading 5 Delivery Principles for a Digital Team

Digital Project Management and the 5Ds

The 5Ds in project management is a phase breakdown of large milestones that every project team needs to complete. This model gives a full vision of the tasks and deliverables for each phase. This process is thought with Agile / Scrum Project/product methodologies in mind. We call these phases the 5Ds: Discovery: validates the business reason … Continue reading Digital Project Management and the 5Ds

Agile Methodology Planning

Your project kick off, you have the best team, the right technology, the perfect project plan (Gant Chart). For the first weeks, your project is running smoothly, but something change: Your lead developer accepts a new challenge in other company You realise the team is taking more time that what you have planned Your customer discovers what they … Continue reading Agile Methodology Planning

Agile Methodology Estimation

High level estimates are guesses (usually very bad and over optimistic). In Agile, we accept that our initial high level estimates are not to be trusted. Of course, budgets need to be created and expectations need to be set. Relative sizing means to size our stories relatively to each other and then measure how fast the … Continue reading Agile Methodology Estimation

Digital Project Management 3 Top Questions

You may have a clear vision of your website or app, but it can be very challenging to try to communicate that vision to the team who will make it a reality. Target Audience This is the first question and one of the most important. The target audience can be a combination of internal (employees, management team, marketing staff...) … Continue reading Digital Project Management 3 Top Questions

Digital Project Management 5 Top Tips

Building a new website, revamping an existing one or creating an app, requires careful planning. When you plan well, you’ll save time and money. Establish a realistic schedule, then follow it through by including all the specific details and tasks in your plan. Keep it simple The digital team may have a multitude of great ideas about … Continue reading Digital Project Management 5 Top Tips

Why Usability is Important

What is Usability It is the study of how people interact with their environment. In digital, usability is quality attribute that measures how easy is to operate a user interface (web, mobile, tablet...). 6 usability components Learnability: How easy is to figure out how to use the system. Efficiency: How much time does it take to … Continue reading Why Usability is Important

Project management, the basics

We live in a world of constant change, organisations must modify its products and services in order to compete. Organisations use projects to implement innovations. The equation of change is as follows: More change = more innovation = more projects   Have you been in meetings where managers said things like these: We are currently working … Continue reading Project management, the basics