Content Marketing in Few Lines

The content is more important than the offer A customer relationship doesn’t end with the payment Interruption isn’t valued, but engagement is A blog can be, and should be, a core part of communicating with and marketing to your customers Focusing on what the customer wants is more important than what you have to sell … Continue reading Content Marketing in Few Lines

How to Search Optimise Your Site

On Google alone, there are over 694,000 searches conducted every second, think about that. Search engines consider two main areas when determining what your website is about and how to rank it. Content on your website: When indexing pages, the search engine scans each page of your website, looking for clues about what topics your website … Continue reading How to Search Optimise Your Site

Good Content and SEO

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers. As I posted earlier, content marketing is a great tactic that helps to get found by your target market. When creating content, your reader/buyer has to think: “This is very interesting, and I think my friends will find it interesting too. So I’m … Continue reading Good Content and SEO

SEO and Social Media

Social media plays a role in influencing the search engine results by giving preference based on the authority of the author and the number of times a piece of content is shared on social networking sites. Social signals would have a greater impact on search engine rankings than traditional SEO factors. How many people you … Continue reading SEO and Social Media

Tips to rank at the top on Google

Google is the most popular and used search engine in the market, Wikipedia reports Google has more than 80% of the market share. Your first objective is to optimise your site for Google. People do not scroll and are used to clicking on the first result they see, which usually means the top three search … Continue reading Tips to rank at the top on Google

Keyword research process

Keyword research is one of the most important activities in search marketing. Through this process you not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about how your buyer personas use the web to solve their problems. With keyword research you can predict shifts in demand, respond to changing … Continue reading Keyword research process

To do list for SEO success

1.  Be sure your site was built and is viewable on all browser platforms (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and multi devices (tablets, mobiles), there are so many ways to access the internet these days. 2. Check your Page Titles and H1 page headline. Target keywords that best represent your product or service, then pick 2 … Continue reading To do list for SEO success

Start by setting SEO goals

Start with business objectives. Is your SEO campaign’s purpose to create brand awareness?, are you looking to increase traffic?, are conversions funnel and sales the goal?. Once your team is on the same page with business objectives, then select the right SEO goals that will help you to achieve your business objectives. Business and SEO … Continue reading Start by setting SEO goals

Social login benefits for your website

Social login enables website visitors to authenticate to any website by using their existing credentials, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. As a result, users do not have to initially register to your website in order to verify their identity. Today more and more websites employ social login, driven by the fact that the old … Continue reading Social login benefits for your website