Content Marketing in Few Lines

The content is more important than the offer A customer relationship doesn’t end with the payment Interruption isn’t valued, but engagement is A blog can be, and should be, a core part of communicating with and marketing to your customers Focusing on what the customer wants is more important than what you have to sell … Continue reading Content Marketing in Few Lines

The Secret of Good Writing

The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components. Clear thinking becomes clear writing; one can't exist without the other, anyone who thinks clearly can write clearly. Clarity, simplicity, brevity and humanity You learn to write by writing so consider these questions before you start: Who is my audience? What one point do … Continue reading The Secret of Good Writing

Content Marketing Check-List

Content marketing strategy is the result of careful planning and execution, so here is a check-list that will help you to execute: Secure executive sponsorship Understand your customer and how they interact with you Create an editorial calendar Re-purpose content Evaluate internal capabilities and resources, then develop a process for measuring and reporting Curate content from third parties … Continue reading Content Marketing Check-List

How to Search Optimise Your Site

On Google alone, there are over 694,000 searches conducted every second, think about that. Search engines consider two main areas when determining what your website is about and how to rank it. Content on your website: When indexing pages, the search engine scans each page of your website, looking for clues about what topics your website … Continue reading How to Search Optimise Your Site

Social Media and Social CRM

Presently, technology has amplified the voice of the customer and has empowered them to take control of the relationship and the conversations. It's clear that customers are sharing more about themselves online (this is an opportunity for companies to better understand their needs), so companies face a challenge in terms of collecting all that information … Continue reading Social Media and Social CRM

Social Media The Science of Sharing

Social media has made a great impact in the purchasing funnel, helping consumers make better decisions. As I said, people believe in what other peers say about a product, service, brand , company and do not believe anymore in sales pitches (intrusive advertising). A marketer, has to know their audience (market segments) in order to know what … Continue reading Social Media The Science of Sharing

Twitter As Content Marketing Tactic

Twitter is also referred to as a "micro-blogging" service, meaning you can post short updates limited to 140 characters or fewer. Why just 140? originally, this character limitation was implemented to make Twitter compatible with mobile phones and text messaging. How business can use Twitter:  Develop and promote your brand Interact with your customer base … Continue reading Twitter As Content Marketing Tactic

Content Marketing: Inbound vs. Outbound

Inbound marketing has become a two-way dialogue, much of which is facilitated by using social media. Consumers no longer rely on billboards, TV spots, mass media (known as outbound marketing) to learn about new products and services. I believe implementing a content marketing strategy is key (based on business goals and buyer personas), inbound marketing … Continue reading Content Marketing: Inbound vs. Outbound

Good Content and SEO

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers. As I posted earlier, content marketing is a great tactic that helps to get found by your target market. When creating content, your reader/buyer has to think: “This is very interesting, and I think my friends will find it interesting too. So I’m … Continue reading Good Content and SEO

Blog as Content Marketing Tactic

Blog is a shorthand for “Weblog” and offers an easy way to present brief of frequently refreshed web content. Backed with easy-to-use technologies for syndication (e.g. RSS), comments and trackbacks, blogs are important communication tools that can incorporate SEO strategies and community building campaigns. The answer to blog or not to blog, should come from the … Continue reading Blog as Content Marketing Tactic