Online Marketing With Good Content Strategy

In his book "The new rules of marketing and PR", David Meerman Scott  indicates how to set a good targeted content strategy. The use of social media is giving the organisations different channels to communicate with customers, but as David says "Content is valuable if someone reads it" and "you are what you publish". Some … Continue reading Online Marketing With Good Content Strategy

Three Good Ads

Ferrari invest not only in design and technology but in TV advertising. In this ad, we can see its evolution over the time in different cities like London, Rio de Janeiro and New York. Total cost 3,9 USD million. Honda did more than 600 takes to produce the final version of this fantastic ad. Total … Continue reading Three Good Ads

Which to use CPM, CPC or CPA?

There are 3 pricing models available to use in online advertising, the oldest is the cost per thousand (CPM), more recently, cost per click (CPC) and the newest is cost per action (CPA). Cost per thousand (CPM) CPM pricing was promoted by big portals such as Yahoo and AOL. It was a great revenue generator … Continue reading Which to use CPM, CPC or CPA?

Tips to grow a fan base

Digital marketing and communication are being more effective today thanks to Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. But what really helps is the understanding of your audience, what they are looking for and how you can solve their problems at a profit. Everyone knows that when you are selling a product or … Continue reading Tips to grow a fan base

Story telling and spreading ideas

Seth Godin on his book All marketers are liars, explains there are 4 reasons why your new release failed (pretty obvious): No one noticed it People noticed it but decided they didn't want to try it People tried it but decided not to keep using it People liked it but didn't tell their friends Why anyone noticed it? … Continue reading Story telling and spreading ideas

Mobile and Retail Experience

It is a fact that mobile is having an important impact in retail and e-commerce. Enhance the shopping experience at every stage. Support research, online, purchase, offline behavior like click-to-call or reserve in-store Connect online and offline, give the options to the user to buy online/mobile and pick up in store Use quick response codes … Continue reading Mobile and Retail Experience

Advertising Less is More

Everyone can remember the controversial Benetton campaigns designed by Oliviero Toscani. For many years, these campaigns had enjoyed great success with a unique and provocative advertising. However, when Zara and H&M entered in the fashion market and started capturing market share and brand loyalty through a different strategic approach, Benetton had to react and rethink its marketing … Continue reading Advertising Less is More

iPad 2 and Zagg

There are companies that know how to take advantage of the success of other companies to introduce complementary products for a blockbuster product. With the rise of touch screen technology and the popularity of Apple's products, screen protection companies are set to benefit from consumers willing to spend a little extra money to protect their … Continue reading iPad 2 and Zagg

The New iPad 2

The iPad has created a new category and the second version has been completed redesign in a very short time. it is amazing the marketing success as a couple of months ago very few people had an iPad an as today millions of people are using it, this product has become a real blockbuster in … Continue reading The New iPad 2

Marketing Video Campaigns from Heineken

Today in Marketing class, my MBA team presented the advertising analysis of the Heineken campaign at the end of 2008 called "walk-in-fridge" produced by the lead agency TBWA that belongs to the global marketing and communication company Omnicom Group. As we explained to the rest of the class, the video is targeted to 25-45 years … Continue reading Marketing Video Campaigns from Heineken